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Urgent Plea From Sister Rosemary at Misericordia

Misericordia Heart of Mercy in Chicago posted this urgent message to their Facebook page on April 4, 2016:

URGENT!! Illinois residents please read and act on this today!! We need your help!!

From the desk of:

Sister Rosemary Connelly, RSM

Dear Team,

I write with an urgent task.

The Illinois House and Senate Human Services Committees are considering the two bills that will help Misericordia by establishing a new continuum of care license. The bills will recognize the unique services Misericordia offers.

Some large, powerful groups are mobilizing against the bills. Groups like Equip for Equality and ARC are vocal in wanting to defeat the bills. This is particularly frustrating because these groups are supposed to advocate for the choices of ALL people with disabilities, including the Misericordia choice. Yet they work against our efforts and our residents’ choices. Once again, these groups are falsely claiming that Misericordia is a “segregating” “institution” that deprives individuals with disabilities of their rights. We cannot let these organizations get away with spreading these falsehoods, especially to our legislators.

The bills – HB 6304 and SB 2610 – are important and would recognize the services that we are privileged to provide to all of the residents at Misericordia.

We need your help and, without it, we will not succeed in passing these important bills.


Fill Out Witness Slips On-Line: Today, please go online and fill out TWO witness slips (one for the House Bill and one for the Senate Bill) in support (check the circle that says proponent) of HB 6304 and SB 2610. It takes no more than five minutes and is easy to do. The links are below. Simply click on them and add the following information:

I. IDENTIFICATION – Fill out your name/home address/etc.
FIRM/BUSINESS – Misericordia
TITLE: Advocate

II. REPRESENTATION – Children and Adults of Misericordia

III. POSITION – Click on “Proponent”

IV. TESTIMONY – Click on “Record of Appearance Only”

Link 1: Click Here to fill out a witness slip in favor of Illinois House Bill 6304: http://my.ilga.gov/WitnessSlip/Create/95856?committeeHearingId=13509&LegislationId=95856&HCommittees5%2F1%2F2016-page=1&committeeid=0&chamber=H&nodays=30&_=1459538085231&GridCurrentCommittees-page=2+%3C

Link 2: Click Here to fill out a witness slip in favor of Illinois Senate BIll 2610: http://my.ilga.gov/WitnessSlip/Create/95903?committeeHearingId=13547&LegislationId=95903&SCommittees5%2F1%2F2016-page=1&committeeid=0&chamber=S&nodays=30&_=1459538152421+%3C

WE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE so please know that we appreciate your willingness to take the time to assist with the above steps.

Sister Rosemary

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