The McNesby Act: Bravo!…But there’s more work to do

At its meeting on June 13th, the House Health and Human Development Committee passed an amended version of the McNesby Act (HS 1 for HB 104).

Teesie Bonk and Joe McNesby (pictured below) were among those who made public comments in favor of the bill at the hearing. The vote was 10 – 0 to release the bill from committee. People contacting committee members on June 12th were being told the bill would NOT pass, so this was a quite a dramatic swing, which is thanks to the e-mails and other contacts made by the A-Team and its allies.

Almost all of the committee members made statements in favor of the bill before the vote was taken. Many of them cited the messages they had received about the bill. In fact, Representatives Jacques, Kowalko, Matthews, and Miro said they wanted to see additional money put into the FY 2019 state budget to address the funding gap. The McNesby Act (HS 1 for HB 104) reads as follows:

Section 1. Amend § 7909A, Chapter 79, of Title 29 of the Delaware Code by making deletions as shown by strike through, insertions as shown by underline and redesignate accordingly: 
3 § 7909A. Division of Developmental Disabilities Services.
(f) It is the intent of the General Assembly for the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS) to phase in increases to the rate system for services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) based on the market study provided to the Office of Management and Budget and the Controller General on January 17, 2014 by the Department of Health and Social Services Secretary, as subsequently updated with utilization data for fiscal year 2018 and updated component percentages. Subject to available funding these rates shall be phased in to 100 percent of the benchmarked levels established.
Section 2. This Act is known as the “Michael McNesby Full Funding for Adults with I/DD Act.” (Please note, this is not the official version of the bill).

We are awaiting information as to when the McNesby Act will be scheduled for a vote by the full House. Keep up the good work! Now, it’s time to contact your State Representative to ask him or her to vote “yes” for the bill when it comes up.


Please send thank-yous to the representatives listed below for releasing the McNesbyAct from committee: * *  * * * *

* Current sponsors of HS 1 for HB 104.

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