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Adults with Disabilities Deserve the Right to Choose Where to Live

Amy Lutz nails it again with this compelling piece on housing choice in Spectrum News.

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Presume Beneficence – Psychology Today

Bravo to Amy Lutz who says that “parents are part of the autistic and I/DD communities, not the enemy.”

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Amy Lutz: Education, Not Exploitation

Our dear friend and former FSU Guest Speaker defends vocational programs for students with severe I/DD.

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Amy Lutz: “I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means”

After Rolling Stone published Paul Solotaroff’s recent piece, “Luke’s Best Chance,” neurodiversity advocates Emily Willingham and Shannon Rosa posted critiques accusing Solotaroff of “dehumanizing” the disabled. Amy Lutz, on the other hand, maintains that Paul Solotaroff’s straight forward message is critical to the discussion.

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Amy Lutz: How to Fight Back: Strategies to Challenge Restrictive Policies Affecting Adults with I/DD

Amy Lutz published a fantastic article for Psychology Today! Thanks to all of you, we are doing exactly what Amy (one of our former guest speakers) recommends.

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Making Severe Autism Visible, By Amy Lutz

A new Psychology Today article written by Amy Lutz discusses two new projects that show what significant impairment by autism looks like.

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