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Benjamin’s Hope: Helping adults with autism thrive

News out of Michigan – 13 ON YOUR SIDE’S Meredith TerHaar shows what makes Benjamin’s Hope so effective and why its funding might be at risk.

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Presume Beneficence – Psychology Today

Bravo to Amy Lutz who says that “parents are part of the autistic and I/DD communities, not the enemy.”

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Thank you to Our April 2017 Guest Speaker, Ernie Dianastasis!

We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Ernie Dianastasis for speaking at our meeting. We are grateful to Ernie for sharing his story and exciting plans for hiring people with disabilities. We hope The Precisionists, Inc. will inspire other businesses to follow suit! If you weren’t able to make it to the meeting, you’re …

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Swanson Family Featured in NEW #Imagine21 Documentary on Autism and Employment

The #Imagine21 documentary series on autism in adulthood is presented by Madison House Autism Foundation.

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Editorial by Dr. David Mandell – A House is Not a Home: The Great Divide in Autism Care

Dr. Mandell writes a research-based editorial article urging for more studies on housing options and their effect on outcomes in adults on the autism spectrum.

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Amy Lutz: “I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means”

After Rolling Stone published Paul Solotaroff’s recent piece, “Luke’s Best Chance,” neurodiversity advocates Emily Willingham and Shannon Rosa posted critiques accusing Solotaroff of “dehumanizing” the disabled. Amy Lutz, on the other hand, maintains that Paul Solotaroff’s straight forward message is critical to the discussion.

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Disability Scoop: Bullet That Struck Caretaker Was Meant For Man With Autism

According to Disability Scoop, “The North Miami police officer who shot an unarmed, black mental health worker caring for a client actually took aim at the man with autism next to him, but missed, the head of the police union said Thursday.”

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The Federal Government’s Quiet War Against Adults with Autism

From Autism Society, San Francisco Bay Area: “Though few are aware, a new policy threatens nationwide dismantling of autism-friendly adult programs and housing.”

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Videos: The Swanson Family Supports #ChoiceFirst

As part of the Coalition for Community Choice #ChoiceFirst campaign, special educator and sibling, Katharine Swanson, explains why she supports the full array of housing options for individuals with autism and other I/DD. Katharine Supports #ChoiceFirst from Families Speaking Up! on Vimeo. Katharine and her brother, Andrew, want #ChoiceFirst! Support #CHOICEFIRST from Families Speaking Up! on …

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Video: Casa de Amma Wants #ChoiceFirst

Be sure to watch this fantastic video of individuals with I/DD who live full, happy lives at Casa de Amma. It was created as part of the ‪#‎ChoiceFirst‬ Campaign.

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