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65 Organizations Sign Letter to CMS Promoting Housing Choice

65 Organizations recently wrote CMS in response to alarming demands for an expanded process of heightened scrutiny submitted by the “HCBS Advocacy Coalition.”

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New #ChoiceFirst Video from Patrick at Noah’s Homes

The CCC #ChoiceFirst campaign is still moving forward! See the latest submission to the campaign from Patrick at Noah’s Homes in San Diego, California. Meet Patrick from Noah Homes on Vimeo.

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“The Power of a Dream” Video from Homes for Life Foundation

Homes for Life Foundation has built 25 homes in 23 years for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Watch this video that shows some of the beautiful homes the foundation has built over the years and the residents who are thriving independently in them.

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Video: Casa de Amma Wants #ChoiceFirst

Be sure to watch this fantastic video of individuals with I/DD who live full, happy lives at Casa de Amma. It was created as part of the ‪#‎ChoiceFirst‬ Campaign.

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FSU: A Proud Member of The Coalition for Community Choice

  Families Speaking Up is a proud member of the Coalition for Community Choice (CCC), a national alliance of organizations, businesses, and housing professionals that strive to meet the housing and employment demands for an array of life options for those with I/DD. Click here to learn more about the CCC

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