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Adults with Disabilities Deserve the Right to Choose Where to Live

Amy Lutz nails it again with this compelling piece on housing choice in Spectrum News.

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Rolling Stone Feature – Luke’s Best Chance: One Man’s Fight for His Autistic Son

The compelling feature by Pulitzer Prize-winning Paul Solotaroff, “Luke’s Best Chance” is generating a lot of buzz in the disabilities world. Self-advocates and ideologues are calling the article “dehumanizing” while many parents are praising the article for shedding a light on issues impacting individuals with severe disabilities.

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Jill Escher: “The Impossible Odds of Creating Autism Housing Are Getting More Impossible”

In Jill Escher’s recent piece, she maintains that “We should be collectively ashamed at our abject failure to create viable housing options for DD adults in our communities.” She also responds to Paul Solotaroff’s Rolling Stone article, “Luke’s Best Chance.”

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New Jersey Stands Up for CHOICE!

Way to go to our friends in New Jersey! Read the following message from former FSU Guest Speaker and advocate, Lisa McCauley Parles from the Say NO to NJ’s Statewide Transition Plan – Say YES to Choice Facebook page: “Hi Everyone – We have been quiet on the Page for a bit but we have been very busy …

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Robert Edelsohn’s #ChoiceFirst Video

Robert has a place to live, a job that pays, fun hobbies, and a great life of his choice! #ChoiceFirst Robert Wants #ChoiceFirst from Families Speaking Up! on Vimeo.

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Videos: The Swanson Family Supports #ChoiceFirst

As part of the Coalition for Community Choice #ChoiceFirst campaign, special educator and sibling, Katharine Swanson, explains why she supports the full array of housing options for individuals with autism and other I/DD. Katharine Supports #ChoiceFirst from Families Speaking Up! on Vimeo. Katharine and her brother, Andrew, want #ChoiceFirst! Support #CHOICEFIRST from Families Speaking Up! on …

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#ChoiceFirst Stories By FSU Members

“Andrew’s Reality” By Pat and John Swanson We are Pat and John Swanson and the proud parents of 27-year-old identical twin boys. Andrew is an individual with autism. His brother, Ben, is neurotypical. When Andrew was diagnosed at age 2, we embarked on a pathway of extensive therapies to help him meet the same developmental milestones …

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