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New Jersey Stands Up for CHOICE!

Way to go to our friends in New Jersey! Read the following message from former FSU Guest Speaker and advocate, Lisa McCauley Parles from the Say NO to NJ’s Statewide Transition Plan – Say YES to Choice Facebook page: “Hi Everyone – We have been quiet on the Page for a bit but we have been very busy …

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Lisa Parles Receives Standing Ovation at Housing Conference

Lisa Parles spoke at the EASI Foundation and Families CCAN co-hosted conference entitled “Solving the Housing Crisis for Adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities: Challenges, Opportunities and Innovation”  on the need for choice in residential options for adults with autism. Her speech received a standing ovation.

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“Nightline” Special with Lisa Parles: How a Child with Autism Was Able to Recover Through Therapy

Jake Exkorn and Andrew Parles’ lives ended up with very different outcomes. Watch highlights from the ABC Nightline special here.

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