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Rolling Stone Feature – Luke’s Best Chance: One Man’s Fight for His Autistic Son

The compelling feature by Pulitzer Prize-winning Paul Solotaroff, “Luke’s Best Chance” is generating a lot of buzz in the disabilities world. Self-advocates and ideologues are calling the article “dehumanizing” while many parents are praising the article for shedding a light on issues impacting individuals with severe disabilities.

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Amy Lutz: “I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means”

After Rolling Stone published Paul Solotaroff’s recent piece, “Luke’s Best Chance,” neurodiversity advocates Emily Willingham and Shannon Rosa posted critiques accusing Solotaroff of “dehumanizing” the disabled. Amy Lutz, on the other hand, maintains that Paul Solotaroff’s straight forward message is critical to the discussion.

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